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The letters (GR) in the menu stand for "Glutenfree Receipe"*, which means we don't use products which contain gluten as an ingredient.

The letters (GRM) do mean "Glutenfree Receipe Possible"*,if we change some ingredients or leave sth. away (extra charge for glf. bread 1€, switch to BeyondPatty 2.90€).



We cannot cook glutenfree products seperately! The fryers for example are also used for food that contains gluten. That's why we can never guarantee for 100% glutenfree food or drinks (same with all other possible, also non-vegan,  allergens).

If small or smallest amounts of gluten or any other allergen may harm you or cause you any trouble, we need to take care and reasonably advise you not to visit our place.

An oversight of all allergens you'll find here: 


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